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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the mattress pad of the Yunioo changing basket?

CM: 79 x 40 x 3 cm / INCHES: 31 x 15.5 x 1.2

Will the popular Keekaroo peanut changer fit inside a Yunioo changing basket?

Although the dimensions seem to be very similar, our Yunioo changing basket is half an inch smaller, hence not intended to fit a Keekaroo peanut changer. 

Do you also offer different colors?

Our baskets are available in four different colors and we are in the process of introducing more models, styles and colors. If you miss a certain color or models, please do not hesitate to contacting us. We value the feedback of our customers very much.

Do you also sell matching fitted sheets?

Yes we do. We are selling lovely matching bassinet sheets. Click here to view the sheets.

Does a standard mattress sheet fit the mattress pad of a Yunioo basket?

The dimensions of our mattress are 31 x 15.5 inches (79 x 40 cm). We recommend to consider our lovely stretchy fitted bassinet sheets with dimensions 32x16x3 inch (80 x 40 x 8 cm). Shop here.

Are your products safe to use for my baby?

Safety of your newborn is our highest priority. Our products are independently tested and are compliant with the stringent (American CPSC) safety requirements.

Can I use the Yunioo baskets for sleeping?

Our baskets are not intended for sleeping. They are designed for diapering.

What kind of charity are you supporting?

Yunioo has committed itself to ICFON. ICFON is a charity foundation run by volunteers fully focused on village development in extreme poor rural Nepal areas. ICFON sets up multi-year projects with local partner organizations to help extreme poor Nepalese families to become self-sufficient for the rest of their lives. Read more about the good work of ICFON by clicking this link.

Where can I find the OEKO-Tex 100 certificate related to your bassinet sheets?

Click on this link to view the certificate.

Basket Unfolding Instructions

For ease of transportation the items are folded and come out pretty wrinkled. Don’t worry! The creases will disappear overtime through regular use. Follow the instructions to speed up the recovery process.

Download the instructions or check out the video. 

Tekengebied 1

Carefully unfold the items and allow them 24 hours to relax.

Tekengebied 1 kopie 2

Iron out most creases by placing a moist cloth over the basket and mattress cover sheet before steaming them out with a medium hot iron.

WARNING! Do not iron directly on material. Do not iron over the leather logo on the basket and do not iron the foam pad.

Tekengebied 1 kopie

Allow the items a few days to settle. Consider adding some soft weight (e.g. heavy cushions or pile of clothing) on top of the mattress to get it in shape a bit quicker.


Cleaning Instructions


Option 1

Hand wash with gentle detergent. Try first on the bottom of the basket. Do not use bleach or other type of chemicaIs.


Option 2

Gentle machine wash. Use a laundry bag and apply slow and cold washing cycle.

Do not put in dryer

Charity support

Go for Yunioo and make a difference

With the purchase of a Yunioo items you are helping us to accelerate our mission to making a positive impact on the lives of many unprivileged children living in extreme poverty.

We have committed ourselves to support charity foundation ICFON.

ICFON is run by dedicated volunteers that are helping Nepalese families living in extreme poverty. They could use our help to start more projects. Will you help?